Chaotic Resonance - Minecraft servers - Bedwars game

How to play Bedwars

General Information - Did you read our Rules and TOS already?

In Bed Wars, players spawn on an island and collect resources to obtain items such as swords, blocks, tools, and other special items. Players also have a bed that they must protect, as the bed breaking results in players no longer being able to respawn. When all players of a team without beds are killed, the team will be eliminated. The last team standing wins.

*** Joining Bedwars ***

1. Join the server.   Load Minecraft version 1.18, click on "Multiplayer", and then click "Add Server". Then you will need to type in "" and name the server something like "Chaotic Resonance Bedwars". You can also use "Direct Connect" as an alternative option. Note: This server is whitelisted so you need to be in our Discord or know us and talk with us about yourself and we need to have your player account name to let you enter the game. Also note we do not always have this server running as we play other games such as Among Us as well and it uses the same address.

2. Joining a game lobby.   When in world spawn, click on one of the oak signs labelled with any of the arena names (current arenas are Sandstone_BW and Airship, more may be added later). After clicking the sign you will be teleported into the lobby of the arena selected. Wait in a lobby while the other players join. You can engage in friendly conversation with other players in the lobby by pressing "T" to enter the chat. You may make a new friend, as well as a potential teammate on your team.

3. Selecting a team.   Once you are in the lobby for an arena you must select what color team you will be playing on; try to select a team that has no other players or at least keep the teams even. Look at the sky and select the Nether Star in the first slot of your hotbar.

After right-clicking the Nether Star a menu will appear with different colors of wool, by hovering over the different colors of wool you can see if there are people on that color team already. When you are ready to choose a team just click that color of wool and you will spawn on that color team. You may change teams as needed until the game starts, the countdown for the game starting will appear at the top of your screen as a boss bar.

*** Playing Bedwars ***

1. Learn how to speed bridge. Speed bridging is a method of bridging where you sneak (also known as 'crouching' or 'shifting') when at the edge of the block, then unshift when placing a block. You can bridge while sneaking the entire time, but it's a lot more effective to speed bridge. It also gets you to other islands before players can knock you off! ***Helpful Tip: When building bridges, make sure to build up a block around 7 times. This will make it so that enemy teams will have to build up to get to your base; you can also attack them while they are stacking up.***

2. Learn the nicknames of certain upgrades, bed defense styles, game techniques, and blocks.

The most common slang terms are:

Def - Defense/Defend
Pot - Drink potions
Invis - Invisibility/Invisible player attacking
Obi/Ob/Obby - Obsidian
Sweaty/Sweat - A try-hard player
Stacked - Having good gear
Mid - Middle
Dias - Diamonds
Ems - Emeralds
Rush - Target a certain team very quickly before they have time to defend their bed well
Inc - Another team is coming to your base to kill you or destroy your bed
Prot - Protection for the team's armor
Sharp - Sharpness for the team's swords
Strat - Strategy for winning the game
Gen - Resource generator
TC - Team chest
EChest - Ender chest
Teamwipe - Breaking a team's bed then final killing all of them
Camp - Stay at your base for a long time or the entire game
Clutch - Winning the game without a bed and/or placing a block to prevent falling into the void
Carry - Having your teammates help you win or win for you with you doing little to no work
Butterfly - A bed defense where you surround your bed in a layer of endstone, with a layer of glass on top
Sandwich - A bed defense where you surround your bed with endstone, adding a layer of sandstone and topping it off with endstone
SG - Split gen (see tips on how to do that)

3. Go to your resource generator.   This is located at the back of your spawn cave where you spawn in. This generator gives you bronze ingots, which can be traded for blocks, weapons, armor, and spawn eggs.

4. Buy sandstone.   This is very affordable at 1 bronze ingot. It is extremely important to get sandstone early on so you can defend your bed, build to other team's bases, collect more resources, and so on.

5. Buy blocks to defend your bed.   The blocks you should use are sandstone, endstone, iron block, glowstone, and stained glass (protects against explosions).

6. Build a defence your bed.   If your bed is destroyed, you won't be able to respawn. Then, if all your team dies, you lose! The area around your bed should be big with plenty of layers and not hollow. Try using endstone first, sandstone second, stained glass third, and another layer of endstone last. Beware of tools, they will mine certain blocks quicker. Don't build a cube around your bed. Instead, put one block on each side of the bed, not including the corners, then sneak to put 2 blocks on top of the bed. Add from this first layer by putting blocks on the side and on top of any visible blocks on the previous layer.

7. Save up Iron and Gold ingots.   Use these to buy better armor and tools as well as base protection, buy these as soon as possible but don't waste time getting them at the start of the game. These cost a lot of gold and iron, but it will keep you protected from enemies. Be sure to buy the armor first, though. You can get basic leather armor for just 1 bronze ingot per piece!

8. Build a relationship with your teammates.   This is important because if you communicate with your teammates, they are more likely to help you out or even play more games together!

9. Build over to iron generators.   You'll need iron for various upgrades, which help defend your team from your enemies.

10. Build to the middle and collect gold once you have protected your bed.   This is really important if you want better items like Regeneration potions, Strength potions, bows, arrows, an axe, and more.

11. Buy and eat a golden apple.   This gives you 4 extra health points and absorption, so you have a better chance of winning fights. A good strategy is something called "pre-gapping" where you eat the golden apple (gapple) before the fight, to tank more damage.

12. Target a team and kill them.   Try to kill the entire team as quickly as possible so you can complete the next step without them respawning in time to stop you.

13. Destroy the other team's bed.   You can do this in multiple different ways, but the main strategy is to kill the team, mine through their defense while they're dead, then kill the team again when they respawn. If you can't do that though, try these methods: Build up and drop TNT on top of the bed defense. This is good if they don't have blast-proof glass on the bed. After you drop the TNT, wait until it explodes, then drop down and break the bed. Throw fireballs at the bed defense from far away. This will keep them distracted while you run over and break the bed.

14. Kill the team/player again and repeat the previous step for all teams.   Usually, you kill them with a sword, by knocking them off the edge, throwing fireballs at them, and/or using bow and arrows.

15. Save up resources to buy expensive items later on.   Save bronze, iron, and gold. Each team has a regular chest and an ender chest to store items in.

16. Be a good Sport!   When the game ends be sure to be a good sport about it all, it doesn't matter if you won or lost. Be kind to others!