*** Welcome to the Chaotic Resonance Minecraft Servers 1.18 with special features added ***

Kits and Claims.

Typing "/kits" in public chat brings up a few options that you can only use once each, so take care of your kits once you get them (and use them well, of course).

Chose between these five kits (currently): /kit claim or /kit starter_basic or /kit tools or /kit starter-farm or /kit starter_combat

Each kit has slightly different items for whatever you prefer to start with, and yes you can obtain all of them at once, but we suggest calling up each free kit as needed and at the right time. Kits include Minecraft basics you'd make by hand day 1 and 2 in solo game play up to some great fun items - Why do we offer these kits? Because then you don't need to rip up our trees or ground near spawn which keeps our server looking awesome for everyone.

You can explore the amazing Spawn area hand built by artist "AFK_irl" (with help from artist "DaCarrots" on the Private Server) and use tables, chests, items, etc as you wish for your first day on our servers. Spawn is an amazing area to meet your friends before you show them around your new home or perhaps do your video or live stream intro while showing off AFK_irl's functional art. If you'd like them to build you a Spawn point for your world, get in our Discord and tell them how much you love their work and see what you can come up with.

You'll also be given a gold shovel for protecting your home base claim from other players. You'll be able to PVP outside of your respective claims freely, but your home base, once claimed, will be a PVP free zone by default.

To check to see if you can claim an area, use an ordinary stick and right click the dirt (or stone, or whatever ground your're standing on) and a message will appear telling you whether it's claimed yet or not. Over time you earn more claim blocks on our servers so bring your friends with you and share some good times together. Important: Always remember to type /afk to trigger your "Away From Keyboard" state so that other players are not impacted by your being idle for a moment. Also please no "AFK farming" (because your cat or sibling could bump your mouse or keyboard and return you to the game accidentally which could get you a warning from staff for being "AFK" while not using the command/state itself). Be considerate to others.

Once you are sure you have enough room for a claim, take out your Gold Shovel and right click where you want one corner to be and a temporary block (diamond) will appear (no it's not real diamond and yes it will despawn in a minute), then walk to the other imagined corner of your new claim and right click that spot next. You should see a square shape around your proposed claimed area marked by gold blocks and the corners being glowstone (which will despawn after a minute automatically). That's your new claim area. You'll also see how many claim blocks you have remaining (or be warned you don't have enough claim blocks for that size of area yet). You can also simplify this first stage process by simply placing a bed or chest on the ground and your first claim is done. Use the /help commands to see what other Claim Options you have, there's many to chose from including how to abandon a claim (to use more blocks elsewhere perhaps if you move).

Helpful video (coming soon)

Other Commands that make our servers awesome:


Once you set up your base, stand somewhere you want to arrive at often and type /sethome to set your home location. Later you can use /sethome [home name] for a second home base, etc.


Teleport at any time directly to your home. /home or /home [home name]


Delete one of your homes. /delhome or /delhome [home name]

/tpa [player]

Ask to teleport to [player name].


Accept or deny a teleport request.


Cancel your teleport request.


Teleport to your previous location prior to last teleport. Good in combination with /home /tpa


Teleports you to Spawn.

/w [player]

Whisper to a player.

/mute [player]
/unmute [player]

Mute or unmute a player's text. Good if you're recording or streaming and someone is being annoying. Does not mute staff messages or actions.

/me [action]

Fun for RP 'actions' such as '/me dances happily'.


Marks you as Away From Keyboard.

If you have any questions, or if anything doesn't work for you, check the website for staff names who may be available within the MC server itself and /whisper [player] (or /w [player]) to them your situation (then wait for a response), but we suggest you get in our Discord and ask staff for help and once someone is available they can help you resolve any issues outside and if need be inside the server itself. "Bug reports" are appreciated as they help everyone work together to have an enjoyable time while using our MC servers.