*** Welcome to the Chaotic Resonance Minecraft Servers 1.20 with special features added ***

How to use Proximity Chat on the Chaotic Resonance Minecraft SMPs.

How to install "Simple Voice Chat" for our SMPs.

(Note: If you are already using the Fabric Loader, skip to step 5)

1. Download Fabric installer from this official external link:

2. Download Fabric API from this official external link.

3. Run Fabric installer EXE file. Once open, change "Minecraft Version" to "1.20.1" (or the version you want). Click "install". After installation, close the installer.

4. Place the file "fabric....jar" into your Minecraft's "mods" folder.

5. Download Simple Voice Chat Fabric from this official external link. Chose the version you want for your Minecraft loader.

6. Place the file "voicechat....jar" into your Minecraft's "mods" folder.

7. Launch your Fabric version of the Minecraft game and join our SMP.

IMPORTANT: You must RESTART your game (from Launcher) once for each SMP for each Proxy Chat to work properly the FIRST time (if you are on both SMPs). After that you 'should' be able to slide between both SMPs (or any others) without issue - However, if there is an issue, just restart your game when traveling between SMPs.

Highly recomended: Adjust your setting "3D Audio Normal" to "Reduced" for more realism in game. We tested this ourselves, it's much better than the default.

You can choose "Voice Activation" or "Push to Talk" (chose your own keybind in Minecraft: Options, Controls, Keybinds).

You can also set up your own group chats in game with other players for 'private' group chats with them (without the proxy effect though).

If you have any questions, or if anything doesn't work for you, check the website for staff names who may be available within the MC server itself and /whisper [player] (or /w [player]) to them your situation (then wait for a response), but we suggest you get in our Discord and ask staff for help and once someone is available they can help you resolve any issues outside and if need be inside the server itself. "Bug reports" are appreciated as they help everyone work together to have an enjoyable time while using our MC servers.