*** Welcome to the Chaotic Resonance Minecraft Servers 1.18 with special features added ***

How to use Proximity Chat on the Chaotic Resonance Minecraft SMPs.

Join the Minecraft SMP of your choice

Join our Discord server and the correct text and voice channels for that SMP.
Type the following command in the Discord text chat and use your Minecraft user name (YourName).

*link YourName

You will get a reply from the bot that looks something like this.

/link 1234567K

Copy that text to your clipboard.
Go to your Minecraft game and paste that in the game chat.
Both MC chat and Discord chat will tell you if you did everything correctly.

You now have Proximity Chat working on one of our SMPs.
Remember that each SMP has it's own Prox Chat so you must do this for each one separately.

If you have any questions, or if anything doesn't work for you, check the website for staff names who may be available within the MC server itself and /whisper [player] (or /w [player]) to them your situation (then wait for a response), but we suggest you get in our Discord and ask staff for help and once someone is available they can help you resolve any issues outside and if need be inside the server itself. "Bug reports" are appreciated as they help everyone work together to have an enjoyable time while using our MC servers.