*** Rules of the Chaotic Resonance Minecraft Servers ***

Be aware that Content Creators (Video Creators and Live Streamers) exist on our Minecraft Servers and without notice to you they may record and/or live stream their and your activities at any time as part of their own activities.

We utilize the Honour system regarding agreed game play. You're all adults and decide how you wish to interact respectively. What you witness other players doing does not necessarily apply to yourself. Get consent first at all times and respect the wishes of others.

Common agreed courtesy during game play. Do not AFK for extended periods of time without disconnecting. As soon as it starts to get dark on any of our SMPs (Survival Multi-Player Servers), your lack of sleep may affect other players - use the /afk command whenever you need to step away from your game for a moment.

Creeper awareness. If you engage a Creeper and it accidentally blows up the area in which you are, especially on/near someone else's land, inside their house or mining operation region, it is your sole responsibility to repair all damages and to leave a sign with your name on it explaining what happened. Additionally it is advised, if possible, for you to contact the person affected through other means to bring this matter to their awareness. Accidents happen, but how you handle them matters most of all.

Theft/Damage to other Crafter's creations, pets, personal items or loss of acquired XP due to 'death' in game. Chaotic Resonance offers a Server roll back service for larger emergencies, something we're very proud of, but most issues will be dealt with directly by Operators themselves. If you wish, you may record your experience on our Minecraft Servers for your records to present to Operators to assist you later. For the most part we remind you that we are not your parents and only ADULTS are permitted on our Servers, so Operators, for the most part, will take a minimal role in any personal conflicts that you may encounter while using our services. Keep records of names and instances that concern you and politely present your evidence and general complaints to Operators as you feel is needed for our awareness.

Communications: The server may be very active with players at any time. We suggest using WHISPER to address people directly. Type "/w" then your friend's name, then your message to them. (Typing the first few letters in their name then hitting TAB helps) This will help cut down on cross-talk confusion.

Voice chat suggested for better communication. We have a General Minecraft Discord channel with Voice Chat enabled for players to better interact with each other while using our Minecraft Servers. More channels will be developed as needed for respective Minecraft Servers. Meanwhile you may also chat privately using Discord or other such services directly.

Respecting staff: Solving everyone else's problems is not why we exist. Helping when there's an emergency within the server, yes. Training everyone 'How to play Minecraft', no. Handing out gifts 24/7, no. Understand that the "S" in "SMP" means 'Survival'. Learn the basics first before mega-complex builds. 'Get good'. 'Balance' is the key. Don't over-do things. Having a mega build (or being 'gifted' one) and still being unable to predict a mob's behavior or deal with them effectively is not good. Keep your items safe. Don't bug staff every time you lose something. The Chaotic Resonance Public SMP is as much a 'self taught' class-room as it is a social setting. It's not just one or the other. Learning through direct game play is best. Chat with peers when possible, staff are often busy with many unseen tasks. Staff are mostly for emergencies and assistance when truly stuck or tech issues or if someone is griefing your home, etc. The rest (direct game play assistance) is up to them individually and is not to be expected. Don't bother staff with too much 'stuff'. They can say 'No' and much more. We are professionals (to the best of our ability).

Location for your new home: We strongly suggest you travel far from the main Spawn area and head any direction you wish and scan your new area a few times for other inhabitants first before settling down. Usually on our Private SMP we assist in land claims upon arrival, but not on the Public Server (you seek and claim your own land yourself, old west style), although we will assist those who have land disputes if needed. Reminder: We can roll-back time for the entire Server as well as 'Regenerate' land back to original state if absolutely necessary.

Staff on our Minecraft Servers

In order of whom you should contact first:
Technical issues (Login problems, Server lag, Server/World glitches, Random loss of signal, etc): PhazonXL
Security issues (Hackers, Griefers, Doxxers, etc): PhazonXL or ChaoticResonance
Conserns regarding other players' behavior (Unwanted PVP attacks, Offensive messages, Missing items from your home with evidence): AFK_irl, ChaoticResonance or Monkey_ShinesTTV
Anything else that's not addressed above (or if the above mentioned staff are not present) contact: AFK_irl (Our resident Artist and Spawn builder who knows a lot about the game)

While on our Minecraft Servers... To WHISPER your concerns to the above Operator type /w [OpName] Then your message. If they are busy or AFK you may have to repeat this step 2 minutes later. Note they may be dealing with your issue and others at the time - be patient!

Staff on our Discord Servers

In order of whom you should contact first:
Technical issues (Login problems, Server lag, Server/World glitches, Random loss of signal, etc): Phazon / Ryo
Security issues (Hackers, Griefers, Doxxers, etc): Phazon / Ryo or Reptoid
Conserns regarding other players' behavior (Unwanted PVP attacks, Offensive messages, Missing items from your home with evidence): Phazon / Ryo, Affie, Reptoid or Monkey_ShinesTTV
Other Discord Moderators are also available for other matters.

While on our Discord Server... Right click the Operator's name and select Message. If they are busy or AFK you may have to wait until they can reply to you. Note they may be dealing with your issue and others at the time - be patient!

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