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November 18 2021:

Growing Content Creator with disability seeking available Video Editor who has/supports PWD Content Creators. Opportunity to work together and be epic. Must be reliable, consistent, responsive and available. Strong business ethics most helpful. Dark sense of humour a bonus. Minecraft server skills optional. Share this post, thanks.

My income: I am on medical disability and 60% of my 'income' goes to rent in a slum (as I await subsidized BC housing). 35% for food and 5% for 'random'. I have no savings and no 'ad revenue'. A friend helps maintain my computer for me, otherwise I'd not even exist 'on line'. All this on top of a few serious medical disabilities and ongoing abuse and I still produce content for the world to help us all get through life. This volunteer work is my only chance to 'generate income' in which to support a video editor and this plan makes sense, for the right individual who takes this growth opportunity as seriously as I have for the past year (see my videos).

Samples of my content:
Group video with my former editor as sole editor:
My own editing (solo - using free gear, not knowing what I'm doing):
My music editing for a 'music video' mid show, former editor as video editor: Time 19:25

I'd like to see your public video works/portfolio or at least a private sample of your work, then I will plan a Discord voice chat with you and see what we can come up with. Discord server details on our Minecraft page here.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing what you've got so far. :>


July 6 2021:

Imagine being 'banned' by hate-filled bigoted racist ignorant internet trolls on Twitch for telling them off for making threats against your whole crew, directly, live. Do you feel safe streaming on such a platform as people with disabilities (PWD)? BarrettC9 tried to do just that tonight!

Background: Barrett's GF entered our Private Discord months ago (by inviting herself there asking for a way to get in as it was closed to the public) and attacked everyone present claiming that our personal health concerns or choices as PWD are a "Conspiracy Theory" and she ran off slamming everyone present. Everyone saved the incident and staff decided to ban her for this attack. She has refused to speak about it since in her live Twitch shows but has been seen and heard INSTRUCTING BarrettC9 live to ban PurpleCrow27 from his live stream just for being present while viewing the show (possessive control issues and jealousy, clearly). Ever since then BarrettC9 has been occasionally seen leaving a strange comments in Purple's live stream but usually leaves soon after (hit and run harassment). Tonight Barrett brought in a few of his friends (or sock puppet accounts) and threatend everyone present especially the host with doing ILLEGAL ACTIVITY just to get us all banned from Twtich. This dude's an obsessed stalker psycho. Stay away from him if you don't want to risk him randomly deciding to do the same to you and your friends, PWD or otherwise.

Tonight - July 6 2021:

German attack censorship used by BarrettC9 (Twitch user) and his girlfriend and 'fans' on Twitch (attacker trolls invaded my stream tonight and intentionally attacked PWDs (us), so we expressed ourselves in defense of the attack and warned them to stop - so they said they'd say "The N word" and then report US for not stopping them - they were immediately banned... but then we get this fake lying crap about us that not even Twitch says is legally enforcible...).

Note from Twitch staff: "Because NetzDG is distinct from Twitch's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and we did NOT find a violation of our guidelines, you will NOT receive a Twitch enforcement action or strike." So much for your false claims, BarrettC9 and TROLLS. Don't bother to try attacking PWD again or you'll learn what court system you end up in and how the media handles attacks on PWD.

I have the entire attack recorded as court evidence with several witnesses present. My staff have already reported your threats of harm against us and other illegal activity on Twitch.

I see why so many former Twitch users prefer YouTube for live-streams and consider them less 'oppressive' by comparison. That's scary when you consider what YT is known for! Organised criminal activity to generate fake reports against the disabled using a mob-mentality says it all about you and others like you. Fascist passive-aggressive warmongers.

'How dare you 'INSULT' an internet troll after they threaten to stalk, harass, and attack you, your crew and channel LIVE!' (NetzDG)
BarrettC9 friend (or sock puppet): "I'll say the N-word in your chat..."
PC and staff: "You're an idiot if you do, stalker, so go fuck yourself, you're banned."

Capture from BarrettC9's stream months ago when BarrettC9 was rather fond of Reptoid (PurpleCrow27) as much as his GF didn't like it:

Letter from Twitch:


Hello PurpleCrow27,

REF: de664b1f-bce9-4b66-a563-0f219b38222a

Your content was reported by a user in a region where Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz (NetzDG) is applicable. NetzDG is a German law that requires social networks with more than 2 million registered users in Germany to provide a way for German users to report content under specific sections of the German Criminal Code ("StGB"). Content such as videos, clips and comments can be reported. You can find the full language of the NetzDG as well as frequently asked questions on the German Federal Office of Justice website. To learn more about Twitch's review process, please visit the NetzDG help page.

Based on a review of your activity or content, we have determined that a violation of NetzDG occurred. The associated VODs and/or Clips have been restricted in countries where NetzDG is applicable. Because NetzDG is distinct from Twitch's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and we did NOT find a violation of our guidelines, you will NOT receive a Twitch enforcement action or strike.


StGB - 185 - Insults

Read Twitch's NetzDG information page to learn more.

Where the Violation Occurred: On stream or VOD

If you believe that we issued this action in error, you may appeal by following the instructions on our NetzDG help page. Please note that abusing our appeals process, or attempting to evade restrictions placed on your account(s), may result in additional penalties, up to and including permanent suspension.

Twitch Staff