Chaotic Resonance
Radio station and Minecraft servers
Radio station
Digital editing - Audio mastering
Audio art

October is Spooktober!
10 AM to 10 PM PST daily.
Thousands of strange dark surreal sounds fully randomized.

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Minecraft servers

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News and updates: Sept 9 2021.

I've been spending most of my gaming time on Chef Rossi's MC server.
Helps keep my skills up, and the people there are pretty cool.
Still putting videos out - Just not sure where to take things sometimes.
Lots going on in the world that's very negative and highly distracting.

News and updates: July 6 2021.

Twitch streamer BarrettC9 stalks PurpleCrow27 making racist threats
over his crew's personal health choices as Disabled people (PWD).
Learn more.

News and updates: July 1 2021.

I am with my people today in spiritual solidarity, the people of Kanata.
I am also in mourning. (Image below) #MurderByDecree (and still today)
I have no desire to entertain others when my people are not free, but I try...