Chaotic Resonance
Radio station and Minecraft servers
Radio station
Digital editing - Audio mastering
Audio art

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Minecraft servers

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News and updates: Nov 18 2021.

Seeking video editor! Full details here.

Growing Content Creator with disability seeking available Video Editor
who has/supports PWD Content Creators. Opportunity to work together
and be epic. Must be reliable, consistent, responsive and available.
Strong business ethics most helpful. Dark sense of humour a bonus.
Minecraft server skills optional.

News and updates: Sept 9 2021.

I've been spending most of my gaming time on Chef Rossi's MC server.
Helps keep my skills up, and the people there are pretty cool.
Still putting videos out - Just not sure where to take things sometimes.
Lots going on in the world that's very negative and highly distracting.

News and updates: July 6 2021.

Twitch streamer BarrettC9 stalks PurpleCrow27 making racist threats
over his crew's personal health choices as Disabled people (PWD).
Learn more.